Evgeni Anatolievich Bezus

Date and place of birth: March 10, 1986, Kuybyshev, USSR.
Nationality: Russian Federation.
Address: Image Processing Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, PO Box 347, 151 Molodogvardeyskaya st., Samara, 443001, Russia.
Phone: +7 (846) 337-80-84.
Google Scholar profile:
ORCID: 0000-0001-7496-8960 (
ResearcherID: A-3257-2014 (

ResearchGate profile:

2009 — Specialist degree summa cum laude in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Samara State Aerospace University.
2012 — Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) in Optics, Samara State Aerospace University.

2006–2009: Technician, Diffractive Optics Laboratory, IPSI RAS.
2009–2012: Engineer, Diffractive Optics Laboratory, IPSI RAS.
2012–present: Researcher, Diffractive Optics Laboratory, IPSI RAS.

Honors and awards

  • Russian Federation Presidential Fellowship for Young Scientists and Postgraduate Students (2013–2015).
  • Dynasty Foundation grant for postgraduate students specializing in theoretical physics (2012).
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) research fellowship (2011).
  • Samara region “Young scientist” fellowship for academic excellence (2011).
  • Russian Federation Presidential Fellowship for Postgraduate Students (2010–2011).

Professional experience
Participant of more than 20 projects of Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Science Foundation, grants of the President of the Russian Federation, government contracts, grant of the Russian-American program "Basic Research and Higher Education".

Research interests: nanophotonics, plasmonics, diffractive optics, rigorous electromagnetic diffraction theory (modal methods in particular).

Author and co-author of 80 publications, including more than 40 papers in refereed journals.

List of main publications

  1. E.A. Bezus, D.A. Bykov, L.L. Doskolovich, A.A. Kovalev, V.V. Kotlyar, A.G. Nalimov, A.P. Porfiriev, R.V. Skidanov, V.A. Soifer, S.S. Stafeev, S.N. Khonina, «Diffractive optics and nanophotonics» (edited by V.A. Soifer), М.: Физматлит, 608 pp., 2014 (ISBN: 978-5-9221-1571-1) (in Russian).

Papers in refereed journals:

  1. E.A. Bezus, L.L. Doskolovich, V.A. Soifer, “Near-wavelength diffraction gratings for surface plasmon polaritons”, Opt. Lett. 40(21), 4935–4938 (2015).
  2. L.L. Doskolovich, E.A. Bezus, D.A. Bykov, “Phase-shifted Bragg gratings for Bloch surface waves”, Opt. Express 23(21), 27034–27045 (2015).
  3. L.L. Doskolovich, M.A. Moiseev, E.A. Bezus, V. Oliker, “On the use of the supporting quadric method in the problem of the light field eikonal calculation”, Opt. Express 23(15), 19605–19617 (2015).
  4. A.N. Kuz’michev, L.E. Kreilkamp, M. Nur-E-Alam, E. Bezus, M. Vasiliev, I.A. Akimov, K. Alameh, M. Bayer, V.I. Belotelov, “Tunable optical nanocavity of iron-garnet with a buried metal layer”, Materials 8, 3012–3023 (2015).
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  11. E.A. Bezus, L.L. Doskolovich, D.A. Bykov, V.A. Soifer, “Phase Modulation of Bloch Surface Waves with the Use of a Diffraction Microrelief at the Boundary of a One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal”, JETP Lett. 99(2), 63–66 (2014).
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