Victor Victorovich Kotlyar

Date of birth: 1957
Address: Image Processing Systems Institute (IPSI),
Russian Academy of Sciences,

151,Molodogvardejskaya, Samara, 443001, Russia.
Phone: (007)(846)-332-57-87



Education and Qualifications:
1979 - Graduated from the Kuibyshev State University;
1988 - Ph.D. in Saratov State University;
1992 – Dr.Sc. in the Central Design Bureau of Unique Instrumentation, RAS (Moscow).

Professional Career:
- Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;
- Head of Laboratory of Laser Measurements IPSI RAS.
- Part-time Professor of the Department of Technical Cybernetics, Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU).

The main areas of research:
- Nanophotonics;
- Diffraction Computer Optics.

Social activities:
- Expert of Russian Foundation of Basic Research;
- Deputy. editor of "Computer Optics."

- Winner of the Provincial Prize for Science and Technology, 1998.
- Winner of the Governor of Samara Region, 2013.

360 scientific papers, 9 books, 10 patents of the Russian Federation


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