Diffractive Nanophotonics
(Editor by Victor A. Soifer)

ISBN: 9781466590694
704 p.
CRC Press (Boca Raton, USA), Taylor&Francis (London), CIPS (Cambridg), 2014

Table of contents
Introduction1056kb   Introduction  
Introduction1121kb Chapter 1
Basic equations of diffractive nanophotonics
Introduction1885kb Chapter 2
No heading????
Introduction4352kb Chapter 3
Diffraction on cylindrical inhomogeneities comparable to the wavelength
Introduction2729kb Chapter 4
Calculation of periodic diffractive micro- and nanostructures
Introduction5219kb Chapter 5
Photonic crystals and light focusing
Introduction5219kb Chapter 6
Photonic crystal fibres
Introduction3862kb Chapter 7
Singular optics and superresolution
Introduction3742kb Chapter 8
Optical capture and manipulation of micro- and nano-objects